Newsletter Friday 8st March

Week 3 -wk com 11.03.19 (S)

Places of Worship

As part of our RE launch day, we also learned about where Jewish people go to worship. We talked about the fact that we had visited one last year. We then made our own floor plans of a synagogue using the building materials in our class.

Year 2 RE day!

We learned about the Jewish holy day Shabbat. It is celebrated every week between sundown on Friday and Saturday. As part of the Shabbat meal Jewish people often eat Challah bread. As a class we made our own and it was delicious! We carefully measured out the ingredients and prepared the bread for baking. It took a long time to make but it was worth it!

Advice for parents about the momo challenge


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Newsletter : Friday 1st March

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Newsletter : Friday 25th February

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After school clubs

Clubs letter – Spring 2 2019

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Pupil Council Collective Worship 

As part of their project to improve the school environment, the Pupil Council have been choosing inspirational quotes from famous Christians to be displayed around school. These two council members helped to explain a quote by James Hudson Taylor by leading a collective worship and telling the children all about who this amazing man was.

‘There are three stages to every great work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.’

Church Newsletter 9th December

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