At Royston St John Baptist CE Primary, we love science because it allows everyone to develop the knowledge and skills to be able to become healthy individuals and to help achieve their aspirations as they move forward through their lives. Science is not just about science labs, and old men in white coats – it’s about investigation and experiences for everyone. Science not only helps us to understand and make sense of the world around us, but also to understand how things work in this forever changing and evolving technological world. As we understand more about life and the world around us, we realise that there is even more to learn and the infinite potential of this is exhilarating. Furthermore, the teachings of science give use the strategies to solve everyday problems and to be able to thrive in the modern world, in which we live.

‘I am among those who think that science has great beauty.’

Marie Curie


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During our mini beast topic…

During our mini beast topic…

...we have read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, moved around our outdoor area like butterflies and created artwork in the style of Matisse's The Snail. We have also been patiently waiting for our class caterpillars to complete their transformation into...

Year 5 were given a very important mission, sent by 007 himself. He slipped on his last mission, resulting in the baddies getting away, so needs help to identify which surfaces he should avoid. The children worked amazingly in teams to investigate how much force was...

Year 6Science

Year 6Science

We are learning about reflection in science. We have been exploring how refraction changes the direction light travels.

Year 5 Garden…

Year 5 Garden…

Year 5 have started their own little garden, and so far, we have planted: Lavendar, Shasta Daisy, Penstemon, Lavetera, and a plum tree. We had help from the Mayor to plant our plum tree, which has been plated as part of The Queen's Green Canopy.