Places of Worship

As part of our RE launch day, we also learned about where Jewish people go to worship. We talked about the fact that we had visited one last year. We then made our own floor plans of a synagogue using the building materials in our class.

Year 2 RE day!

We learned about the Jewish holy day Shabbat. It is celebrated every week between sundown on Friday and Saturday. As part of the Shabbat meal Jewish people often eat Challah bread. As a class we made our own and it was delicious! We carefully measured out the ingredients and prepared the bread for baking. It took a long time to make but it was worth it!

In year 2…

Perfect Planting! 

Year 2 helped plant bulbs in Royston Park with other schools from the local community with the help of the North East Area Team. The class tried really hard all afternoon and worked well as a team to plant over 1000 daffodil bulbs! Year 2 can’t wait to go back and look at them all when they flower in the spring. If you are walking by the Orchard area of the park next spring, keep an eye out and you’ll be able to see them.

Marvellous Mathematicians.

Year 2 have loved exploring money in our latest Maths topic. Here you can see some of our class working really hard to identify different amounts of money. They were brilliant and loved using the coins to make different amounts.

Keeping Healthy 

The class have absolutely loved learning about how to be fit and healthy in our ‘The Complete Athlete’ topic this half-term. Here you can see one of our groups having a discussion about how to make a meal healthier. They came up with some fantastic ideas and shared them with the rest of the class.

Climbing High!

Reaching for the stars has never been so appropriate! Year 2 were climbing their way to success in PE today. Whether it was climbing the rope, balancing on a beam or racing up the climbing frame, nothing was stopping our lovely Year 2 children from completing the challenges set by Mr Hague. Amazing work everyone!