Pupil Council Collective Worship

The Pupil Council have been helping to improve our school environment by choosing some inspirational quotes to decorate our walls. One of the quotes that they chose was from Martin Luther King:

‘Whatever you do, just keep moving forward.’

To help the other children fully understand this quote, some members of the pupil council lead a collective worship to teach the other children all about this famous Christian.

French Club Y5 & Y6

French Y5 6

Who will you vote for? 

Our amazing Y6 children have been working in groups to come up with realistic and affordable ways in which we can improve our school. They presented their ideas to the school and attempted to persuade us to vote for their team. Once the whole school has voted, the ballot papers will be collected and counted. Who will the triumphant team be? There were some fantastic ideas from everyone and all children worked brilliantly in their teams – well done to all of the groups!

Imagination Gaming Tournament 

Royston St John became host for the day at this years Inter-School Games Tournament. For the fourth year running we saw SMAT Schools compete in the hope of winning the title of “Games Champion” All 7 SMAT Schools took part in their annual competition where we saw some very creative and clever gaming.

After introductions, the morning was spent learning the games, we had Doodle Rush which gave everyone a chance to show their speedy arty sides, City of Zombies which challenged everyone’s maths survival skills, Whoosh! which involved some super quick, memory boosting monster catching and Katamino which colourfully engaged the children’s spatial awareness skills.

After lunch we split our school teams across the gaming tables and the competition started, the fun and smiles continued.

The results were as follows…. drum roll:

1st – Royston St. John Baptist CE Primary School!

The Perfect School!

Our lovely Year 6 children have been designing their own perfect schools. One design had a swimming pool and another had a chapel. There were so many fantastic ideas. Well done everyone!

Harvest Festival

What an amazing Harvest Festival! Thank you to our lovely Year 6 children who led our bible readings and prayers.

War Horse 

Year 6 have been reading War Horse recently. The have been searching the text for evidence and inferring the thoughts feelings and motives of the characters. Some amazing work produced from everyone!