If you have any subject specific questions about what we do in school, please speak to any of our leaders.

All of our staff are always available to help if you have any queries.

Executive Headteacher: Mr L Spencer (RE Leader)
Assistant Head Teachers Ms R Steele
Mr C White
Teachers: FS2 Miss B Openshaw, Miss N Best
Year 1  Mrs V Levitt (Phonics Leader)
Year 2  Miss H Marsh (SENCO)
Year 3  Mr J Crookes (Maths Leader)
Year 4  Miss A Moody
Year 5  Mr C White  (Curriculum)
Year 6  Ms R Steele ( Literacy Leader, SMAT moderator)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs L Butterfield
Miss C Barber
Miss T Bailey
Mrs V Goodyear
Mrs K Hague
Mr M Hague
Mrs L Hutchinson
Mrs K Wilkinson
Mrs S Butters
Mrs J Heaton
Mrs D Rawson
Mrs P Yould
Office Staff: Mrs A Chambers
Mrs C MacFarlane
Premises Manager: Mr M Rodgers
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs P Barden
Mrs H Becker
Mrs D Gibson
Mrs M Stephenson
Mrs G Bailey
Miss T Bailey
Mrs L Butterfield
Mrs S Butters
Mr M Hague
Mrs G Land
Mrs P Yould
Cleaners: Mrs H Becker
Mrs A Oakley
Miss L Quinn