Note – Policies that apply solely to the School Can be found here: RSJ Policies



SMAT – Accessibility Policy

SMAT – Accessibility Strategy

SMAT-Academies Accessibility Strategy-Policy


SMAT-Assessment Policy

SMAT-Behaviour Policy Updated Oct 19

SMAT-Charging and Remissions-Policy

SMAT – Complaints Policy

SMAT-Curriculum Policy Updated Oct 19


Data Sharing Agreement BMBC for RSJ – June 2021 (8)

SMAT – Elective Home Education policy

Equality Statement Policy and Objectives 21

SMAT-Exclusions Policy Updated Oct 19

SMAT – Health and Safety Policy

SMAT-Managing Medical Needs-Policy

SMAT- NQT Induction Policy Written Oct 19 (002)

SMAT-Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Updated Oct 19

SMAT-Special Educational Needs Policy Updated Oct 2019

SMAT Teaching and Learning Policy Updated October 19

SMAT – Whistleblowing Policy















Requests for copies

If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on our school’s website, we can provide this free of charge.