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We love Design Technology because it is the subject that opens career doors – from engineering to fashion and product design. Makers, inventors, and problem solvers all need foundations to set them on their way. Design Technology has both theoretical and practical elements that allow children to flourish, regardless of their academic ability. From an early age, many children are fascinated with how objects are put together and how things work. It is an opportunity for children of all ages to learn through ‘play’. Design Technology equips the children with the skills needed later in life and introduces new ambitions.


‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.’

Maya Angelou

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Our DT project!

Our DT project!

Year 5 have been excellent role models and have completed some work for our Foundation stage outdoor area. Our children have applied their scientific knowledge of pulleys to make their own pulley systems. These were made for our foundation stage children to use,...

Year 3 created hands from salt-dough to use as templates to create our own pieces of art inspired by Stone Age artwork we have explored in class.