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The purpose of wearing our school uniform is to give children a sense of belonging to our school.  When all children wear a uniform, issues regarding appearance are minimised, as all children are wearing the same.  

We want our pupils to take pride in wearing their uniform and insist that it is adhered to in school.

Girls' Uniform


  • Dark grey (not black) skirts/pinafore dresses/school uniform trousers. Shorts and culottes are not permitted.
  • Green and white checked dresses may be worn in summer.
  • Bottle green cardigan/jumper/sweatshirt and white blouse (not open collar) with School tie.
  • Green and/or white or black headbands or hair-ties. Hairbands and hair-ties should be modest.


  • Sensible black shoes (eg. no high heels,trainers or knee length boots) should be worn at all times. 
  • In warmer weather sturdy sandals suitable for running around safely may be worn.

Boys' Uniform


  • Dark grey (not black) shorts or long tailored trousers.
  • Bottle green pullovers/sweatshirts, white/grey shirt with school tie. 


  • Sensible black shoes (not trainers) should be worn.
  • In warmer weather sturdy sandals suitable for running around safely may be worn.


Hair must be worn tidily at all times. Extreme hairstyles, including hair colouring, shaving or hair extensions should not be worn for school. For health and safety reason hair long enough to be tied back MUST be tied back for PE.

Nail varnish, nail gels and nail art should not be worn for school


PE kit - All pupils

  • Pump bag containing: – black shorts, plain white ‘T’ shirt or with school logo, black pumps (KS2 have the option of trainers for outdoor activities).
  • Plain black jogging bottoms and sweat tops may be worn for outdoor PE/ games.

School Swimming Sessions

  •  All pupils - swimming caps required

  •  Swimming goggles not allowed, without a medical note (LA guidance)

  •  Girls must wear a one-piece swimming costume        

  • Boys must wear swimming trunks (not shorts)


All clothing, should be clearly marked with the child's name.



The wearing of items of jewellery is restricted in school to:

  •  a wrist watch
  •  one small plain gold ear stud (with safe back) in each ear

 PE and Games activities

ALL items of jewellery MUST be removed by the pupil or pupil’s parent for PE and Games lessons including swimming sessions. Adhesive tape cannot be used to cover items of jewellery. School accepts no responsibility for the safety of removed items of jewellery.

If you wish your child to have their ears pierced, we strongly recommend this to be carried out at the beginning of the summer holiday to allow time for healing so that ear studs can be removed painlessly for PE and Games activities.

The overriding issue involves the health and safety of all pupils while attending school.


Where to Buy School Uniform
School ties are obtained from the school office at a cost of £2.50 ordinary tie; £2.20 elasticated tie (current price). We still have a number of T shirts (£4.50) for sale from the school office. We also have baseball caps at £3.00. Sweatshirts/cardigans/coats etc. with the school logo are available from the ‘Wishing Well’ shop at Mapplewell, The School Shop off Racecommon Road in Barnsley.