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Links for Parents

Although we make sure that all the sites we recommend are suitable for children and their parents, we can't be held responsible for the changing content of external sites.

Supporting Your Childs Learning 

There are many resources available on the internet to support your child in building up their skills and knowledge. These are just a few of our favourites.

Busythings - Ask your class teacher about access to this site. You will need login details and password. KS2 Bitesize
KS2 Bitesize


Art attack

Art Attack

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National Geographic Kids


The links below should provide you with some useful advice and guidance on children’s use of the internet and how we can safeguard them.

Digital Parenting Magazine

BBC Online Safety

The BBC’s own websites on keeping safe on the internet and links to other resources.

Chat Danger

This site gives advice and guidance on using chat rooms, social networking and discussion boards on the internet.

"It has come to our attention that several of our pupils have accounts on the social networking site Facebook. Parents need to be aware that the Facebook regulations stipulate that users must be 13 or over."

Facebook Information to Parents - A Parents guide to Facebook.

Working together with your child

Here are a few useful sites to encourage your child to think about how they use the internet and  to be more aware of the dangers.  These can help you to start discussions on e-safety as a family.

KS1 -

The best resource to use with children aged 5-7 is Hectors World which is part of the Thinkuknow website, created by CEOP.

Hectors world is very child friendly and plays short cartoons showing the children how to be safe on the internet.

KS2 - 

A good resource to use is from KnowITALL by Child net International. The Smart Crew go on a series of adventures and learn all about internet safety. The cartoon clips are quite short and get the message across really well. There are also some great FREE leaflets and DVD's on this website for parents about social networking sites and how to keep their children safe whilst online at home. Click on the picture below to go to the Smart Crew cartoons.