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Royston S John the Baptist School

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Our School's Vision


The Governing Body, staff and children have created this shared vision for our school.

Our vision is to be a school with a strong Christian ethos which is a happy, fun, friendly and caring place, which is child-centred and inclusive and which promotes respect and tolerance of everyone.

  • We have a well-skilled staff, to support a positive learning environment – to encourage creativity and imagination; to enable all within our school to be independent thinkers and learners and to achieve their potential, academically, socially and spiritually.
  • We want all members of our school community to enjoy a team-spirit, to value each other and celebrate together our in and out-of-school achievements.
  • We want to enjoy effective communication throughout our school community - between children, staff, governors, parents, the Church and the wider school community, which offers support and guidance.
  • We want to inspire all to enjoy life-long learning.

We want to make rounded citizens of the future and provide the foundations to build happy lives.


Our School's Core Christian Values

 Within a spiritual environment, our Christian ethos is underpinned by the values of:

1. Honesty
Always tell the truth; never lie or hide the truth.

2. Respect
Always treat yourself, others and things within

your environment in the right way. Be polite and use good manners.

Make good choices and be sensible, even if other people around you aren
􏰀t. Be well motivated and proactive to be the best you can be.

Keep doing your best, even when it feels hard to do. Don
􏰀t give in.

5. Empathy
Think what it would be like to be in someone else
􏰀s shoes and show them that you understand, appreciate and care about how they feel, even if you disagree.