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Interfaith Visits

It is the belief of this school that Religious Education is about educating each child about religion(s) in the real world and in real life. 

As a result of teachers and children exploring together the diversity of Christianity and other World Religions, we can increase each child's awareness of the religiously diverse society in which we live and also help them to develop respect, tolerance and understanding towards other faiths and the right of individuals to hold beliefs different from their own.

As part of this experience, children are asked to participate in our organised, Interfaith visits.

Throughout their school career at Royston St John Baptist (C of E) Primary School, children will visit Christian places of worship, including St John Baptist church, a local chapel and Salvation Army citadel and Wakefield cathedral. They will also visit places of worship from other world faiths including a mosque, a synogogue and a mandir.  These are the names of the places of worship for three other World Religions studied in school - Islam, Judaism and Hindu Dharma.


In Autumn term 2018, the following visits will take place:

  • FS2  will visit Royston St John Baptist church.
  • Y1 will visit a Jewish synagogue in Sheffield
  • Y2 will visit a Sikh gurdwara in Bradford
  • Y3 will visit an Islamic mosque in Bradford
  • Y4 will visit a Buddhist centre in Bradford
  • Y5 will visit a Hindu mandir in Bradford
  • Y6 will visit a Hindu mandir in Bradford


To view photographs from previous visits, please visit our Picture Gallery.