Our School Motto

The Learning Team have been busy recently! They were given the challenge of creating a new school motto. Together, they came up with many ideas and then took them to a whole school vote. The votes were then councted an the winner was revealed. Royston St John Baptist Primary School has a new school motto…

‘Big hearts, big minds, big changes.’ 


Today was such an amazing day! We all came to school in our pyjamas and chose three books from our book sale to take home. Our older children helped the younger children choose their books and we all had some time to sit and read together. We all had a wonderful morning!

Three books for Year 3!

What an amazing morning we had! Dressed in their pyjamas, Year 3 picked three books from our sale to take home. Then, they spent time enjoying reading their new books.

Pyjama day and book sale…

Letter PJ DAY

French Club Y5 & Y6

French Y5 6

Who will you vote for? 

Our amazing Y6 children have been working in groups to come up with realistic and affordable ways in which we can improve our school. They presented their ideas to the school and attempted to persuade us to vote for their team. Once the whole school has voted, the ballot papers will be collected and counted. Who will the triumphant team be? There were some fantastic ideas from everyone and all children worked brilliantly in their teams – well done to all of the groups!

Imagination Gaming Tournament 

Royston St John became host for the day at this years Inter-School Games Tournament. For the fourth year running we saw SMAT Schools compete in the hope of winning the title of “Games Champion” All 7 SMAT Schools took part in their annual competition where we saw some very creative and clever gaming.

After introductions, the morning was spent learning the games, we had Doodle Rush which gave everyone a chance to show their speedy arty sides, City of Zombies which challenged everyone’s maths survival skills, Whoosh! which involved some super quick, memory boosting monster catching and Katamino which colourfully engaged the children’s spatial awareness skills.

After lunch we split our school teams across the gaming tables and the competition started, the fun and smiles continued.

The results were as follows…. drum roll:

1st – Royston St. John Baptist CE Primary School!

After School Clubs October 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,
THE FOLLOWING CLUBS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR CHILDREN DURING THE NEXT HALF TERM. All clubs run from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. There will be a charge of £1.50 per session.

The clubs finish at 4:30pm so can you please ensure you are waiting at this time to collect children from the school office. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE!

Places for the clubs can only be booked by paying through Parentpay. Clubs have limited places so please pay asap to avoid disappointment then return your signed consent slip (below) to school. This will inform us of which KS2 children will be collected at 4:30pm or if they will be allowed to walk home alone.

Please do not send the slip to school until you have secured your child’s place on Parentpay Please note: Money is non-refundable once classes have commenced.

Please retain this top copy for your information only and please check the dates to ensure the clubs are taking place for each week.

Please click the link below to print this information in full, including a permission slip

Clubs letter – Autumn 2 2018

Robinwood letter to parents

letter to parents – Robinwood interest and deposit

Dear Parent,

We are once again looking to the future and are considering going to Robinwood, The Old School at Todmorden for a residential visit next year with Y6. We know it’s only the beginning of a new school year but Robinwood gets booked up very quickly and presently have very little places left. We don’t want our Y6 to miss this fantastic opportunity!

The children who have visited Robinwood gained so much from their experience, their confidence grew and their team building skills developed.

At the moment we can only give you an estimated cost for the visit and that will be approximately £195 (this will be the maximum cost) for 3 amazing days which will be during the last week of the school year in July 2019. There would be the opportunity to pay this amount in instalments, as parents have in the past, so the cost can be spread over a long period of time.

We are at this time wanting to find out who would be interested in going to Robinwood and if so, need to ask you to pay, on parentpay, a non-refundable deposit of £25 that is required to be paid by Wednesday 24 October 2018. This is to secure our booking.

The date of the visit that has been provisionally offered to us will be: Monday 22 July 2019 – Wednesday 24 July 2019.

It would be appreciated if you could complete the slip below indicating if you are interested in your child attending Robinwood and consent to paying the deposit.

Robinwood are currently holding a place for us, so please pay deposit on parentpay and return the slip to school by Wednesday 24 October 2018 which will then enable us to make a definite decision about the visit.

Please contact school if you have any concerns.

Yours sincerely Mrs J Ryan Headteacher

Click for a printable version of this letter

Climbing High!

Reaching for the stars has never been so appropriate! Year 2 were climbing their way to success in PE today. Whether it was climbing the rope, balancing on a beam or racing up the climbing frame, nothing was stopping our lovely Year 2 children from completing the challenges set by Mr Hague. Amazing work everyone!