Welcome to Royston St John Baptist Primary School

At Royston St John’s, we strive to create a secure and happy environment which inspires high aspiration. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding provision for all our children. Through personalised learning, we deliver an engaging curriculum and provide our children with memorable experiences knowing that when they come to leave our school, they leave with a lifelong love of learning.

Our dedicated team of staff provide a friendly, nurturing learning environment where pupils feel safe, valued and secure. We work alongside parents, governance and the wider community to provide a creative, balanced and inspiring curriculum. Our door is always open. Parents are always welcome. We are keen for parents and carers to be involved in their child’s learning and successes.

As a Church of England Primary School we have close links with The Diocese of Leeds and share their educational priorities.

Our Christian Values:

  1. Honesty

Always tell the truth; never lie or hide the truth

  1. Respect

Always treat yourself, others and things within your environment in the right way. Be polite and use good manners.

  1. Responsibility

Make good choices and be sensible, even if other people around you aren’t. Be well motivated and proactive to be the best you can be.

  1. Resilience

Keep doing your best, even when it feels hard to do. Don’t give in.

  1. Empathy

Think what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes and show them that you understand, appreciate.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,

Mr. Lee Spencer
Executive Headteacher

Our Church 

Our lovely Year 3 children have been drawing something that is very important to us… our church!

Fantastic Friendships

We have been looking at what makes a good friend. Our lovely children have been really thoughtful and worked as a team to share some wonderful ideas. We are all really proud of our friendships and we all know what it takes to be a good friend.

Foam Fun! 

We have been writing letters and creating shapes in the foam! What a fun and messy way to learn how to write! We loved it!

Outdoor Explorers! 

We have been exploring our trim trail. We have used some positional language to help us find our way around the outside area.





Can you see which instruction we are following?

Wonderful Wishes! 

We have been reading a wonderful story called ‘The Fish Who Could Wish.’ Our super writers have been sharing their own wishes and writing them independently!

Children In Need activities on Friday 16th November…

Children in need Y4 games and biscuit sale

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Reading Role Models

During our big book sale, our wonderful Year 5 children helped the children in Year 1 choose a book to read. Then they sat with them and they read together. Our lovely Year 1 children were thrilled to spend time with such excellent role models and everyone enjoyed reading their new books. We just love reading!

Marvellous Mathematics in Year 5!

Year 5 have been working really hard in maths. Some of our children have been multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. Other groups were discovering how to calculate square numbers.

A successful PTA book sale!

Thank you to all of our families for the donations to our book sale. Together with the PTA we raised a whopping… £280! This will really help us with our mission to provide new guided reading books for each class.

Newsletter Friday 8th November

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